The Corporate Grind

This week for work, according to my boss, is the busiest and least enjoyable week of the year.  It was the dreaded inventory count at the factory which is situated about 15 minutes away from the office in Santa Rosa in the town of Carmelray.  The inventory account took up my entire week of work and involved the counting of everything the company owns, from raw materials to the labels that are used to demarcate the products.  My assignment was very similar to the function I performed during the finished goods inventory count I was part of earlier in July.  I was tasked with comparing the first and second counts of the inventory and if they were the same values I would pass them on ti be checked against our computer records and if not the section of the shelf would be sent back for a third count to verify .

I again spent the weekend at home although I did have trips planned but unfortunately my means of transportation fell through and the city I live in has no form of reliable public transportation so I was stuck.  I plan to make up for the lost weekend with upcoming trips for sure.  I did have time since I was not busy traveling to go swimming in my apartments pool, I can assure you my cannonball skills have not diminished in the slightest.

I have included pictures of the front of my apartment complex, which has stores one the first floor and a laundromat so I never need to go to far if I need something, as well as pictures of the apartment pool area and the front entrance to the Human Nature factory.


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