Views From The Lift

During my fourth week in the Philippines I spent my time at work going through a check reconciliation for the company.  I first had to separate the checks into the banks from which they came from, either BPI or BDO, and then had to make sure our paper records matched the electronic records of each bank.  After going through the checks a number of which had not been reconciled in our paper accounts so this information was then passed on to the head of the finance department and he made the necessary write-offs to the banks.

During the week my boss needed to go to his old apartment in Makati to finish moving some stuff out so he took me along for the ride and he dropped me off at the Ayala Mall located in the upscale district of Makati to spend the day then get lunch before heading back to Santa Rosa.  I included a picture of the mall which was incredibly scenic and I have no complaints with going to hangout at an upscale mall all-day and playing it off as “work”.

I did not have any travel plans this weekend because I was feeling under the weather (slowly dying in my own unbiased opinion). I spent the weekend recovering as well as sharpening my skills as a puzzle master and have finally upped my cooking skills to where I made myself rice that was not rock hard.  I also added in a picture of the view from where I have been working out and have to say it has a leg up on the shirk center for sure.


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