Found Nemo


With my second week of work well underway I have finally begun to start feeling truly comfortable with my set-up here in Santa Rosa.  My mornings are usually highlighted by a ride in the sidecar of a tricycle that reminds me much more of a ride at Six Flags Great America than one’s standard morning commute.  There is nothing quite like going 50mph in the wrong lane of a busy street to get the blood pumping for a productive day at work!  I have also included in this post both pictures of my office building from the surrounding mall (still waiting for someone to challenge me to giant chess) and the main entry way into the brand new Human Nature office.

This week for work I will be continuing to analyze financial statements for the various branches of HN and various other financial accounts including running through the companies overall loans payable for all the various equipment and properties.  The work is heavily done using Microsoft Excel so I have become a spreadsheet wizard in just 2 short weeks.

This past weekend I took a trip with a group of the other IWU interns in the area down through Batangas Port to Puerto Galera, an island about 160 miles south of Manila.  We stayed at an amazing hotel called the Dolphin bay, right on our own private beach with million-dollar bay views for less than staying at a Motel 6 in Bloomington for a night.  We arrived Saturday and stayed through noon on Monday, we went snorkeling and kayaking in some of the most crystal clear water I had ever seen.  The fish and other forms of sea-life we saw on our snorkeling excursion looked like it came straight out of the movie Finding Nemo, fortunately for myself I did not make the same mistake as Nemo did when he “touched the butt” and arrived back safe and sound from the amazing adventure.  I added in a bunch of pictures from the trip but they truly do not do them justice.


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